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Wholesale Electronics and Hard Goods Specials

Here are a few special offers from our vast selection of salvage merchandise, store returns, overstock, closeouts, liquidation and surplus truckloads of consumer electronics and hard goods. We are your #1 closeout connection for pallets, lots and truckloads of closeouts, liquidation and salvage merchandise from brand names you know and trust.

Brand Name Electronics/Hardgoods: May contain a combination of DVD recorders and players, stereos, boom boxes, pDAs, CD players, home theater, digital cameras, scanners, printers, TV/VCR combos, video games, air conditioners, camcorders, and more. Please call for updated prices! Your cost is $3500 per lot (i.e. 3 pallets). Buy 3 pallets and get 1 pallet FREE!!! FOB Florida.

wholesale bluetooth headset
wholesale tv dvd combo
closeout boombox

Electronics from Walmart: Brand-names electronics. May contain a combination of TVs, DVD players, stereos, boom boxes, pDAs, CD players, home theater, digital cameras, scanners, printers, TV/VCR combos, video games, Sega games, shelf systems, amplifiers, copiers, camcorders, and more. Please call for updated prices and merchandise availability. FOB Minn.

wholesale air conditioner
closeout sega
wholesale home theater

All New Brand Name Refurbished Electronics.: Sold by the lot or by the truckload. Loads may contain a combination of: digital cameras, DV camcorders, TVs, microwaves, MP3 players, digital memory camcorder, wireless Bluetooth headsets, DVD camcorders, and much more. Items can be purchased as all-of-one-kind or as mixed lots. FOB CA. Please call for merchandise availability and prices.

discount scanner
discount lcd tv
closeout dvd camcorder

Electronics from Sears: Sold by the lot, or truckload. Customer returns and shelf-pulls/overstock merchandise. Loads may contain a combination of: CD player, boomboxes, phones, car stereos, videos, cam-corders, electronic games, printers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, fax machines, and much more. Please call for updated prices. FOB Florida, Atlanta, Ohio.

wholesale fax machine
closeout shelf stero system
wholesale hand vacuum

Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories: All new and sealed. These are the latest cell phone accessories for the latest and current model cell phones such as the Apple iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy, the Blackberry Bold, and others. Huge assortment of iPhone covers, cell phone cases, headphones, car chargers, cell phone batteries, data cable/charger sets, iPad cases, screen protectors, and many more. Each cell phone accessory comes in a hard packaging for nice display in your store. These items retail from $10 to $35 each. Was $3.50. Your cost is as low as $2.95 each. Minimum of 1000 pieces. FOB NY.

wholesale cellphone case
discount iphone accessories
wholesale cellphone cases

Electronics from TRS: Huge selection of items may contain overstock and returns merchandise. Truckloads may contain a mixture of: radio CD players, MP3 players, TVs, speakers, headphones, alarm clocks, fingerings talking CD players, radio I-Pods, Disney Hannah Montana CD&G Video Karaoke, Disco Light Karaoke Systems, scan radios, walkie-talkies, Lego clocks, electric guitars, CD players, sing-along boom boxes, movie CD boomboxes, auto universal FM transmitters, accessories, and much more. Each truckload contains 26 pallets approx 7' tall. FOB Mass.

closeout kids mp3 player
wholesale hm cd player
closeout hk cd player

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